The Joy Guild
The Joy Guild
Aj Smit

Welcome to The Joy Guild

A Guild where Artisans of Life cultivate Joy, Curiosity, Creativity and Possibilities together.

About Us

Are you an Artisan of Life? Someone who intentionally tries to grow, and learn? Who encourages others, and looks for the magic interwoven into the day to day? Are you looking for a community of people who are longing to show up as their full selves? Do you wish you had a safe, brave place online where you knew there wouldn't be gossip, where we push each other to be our whole selves? Lovely, this is the place for you. I'm Aj, the Joy Weaver, and maybe you are a Kindness Builder, or a Laughter Maker, or Peace Forger. I believe you are someone who works to create a life they love, and show up well for yourself and the people around you. And in doing so, you want people who are doing the same around you, this is The Joy Guild, and we've got a spot waiting for you. 

Why You Should Join Us! (Aka. What's included)

Monthly Guild Tent: Similar to an online Red Tent, we'll dive into a theme on zoom using storytelling, art, guided meditation, quotes and more to learn how it impacts us. Interact in the chat, and we'll record it, so if you can't come, you can watch on your own time!

Monthly Guild Gathering: Dive into the theme on a zoom video call, where you can ask questions, share how the theme is coming up for you, and connect with other artisans! Themes we'll do: Curiosity, Creativity, Bravery, Anger, Dreams and more!

Monthly Downloadable Meditation:  My guided meditations are a way for you to connect with your soul to get clarity. Easy to follow, and calming, it'll help you center, and each meditation will be based around the theme of the month.

Monthly Giveaway and Playlist: Love music? Me too, enjoy a playlist based on the theme to help you tune in, and find some new songs you'll love. Each month we'll also have a giveaway, this could be anything from a Creative Soul Conversation (1 on 1 with me for an hour), a Fairy Zoom Tea Party, a fantasy sign set, or a Red Tent spot for our Public Red Tent. Just a fun way to treat you!

AND MORE: Once a week I'll be sharing teaching about the theme, starting discussions, and sharing journal prompts. This is about us, and learning together! So I want YOU to share your thoughts, go live with how the theme is impacting you, and we'll create a community that thrives together. You'll also be the first to know about events, offerings, and will get special surprise discounts. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you for bringing your whole self. I want to know your thoughts, your ideas, and dreams. The Joy Guild was made for those who wanted community, so let's make magic happen together. 

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